The City of Rancho Cordova “Made the Magic” at the All-America City Awards

Last week I headed to Kansas City for the All-America City Awards as a part of the delegation from the City of Rancho Cordova. I am very pleased to announce that Rancho Cordova is now recognized by the National Civic League as an “All-America City”. This prestigious award means a great deal for the community at large and it was an incredible honor to be involved. It was a fantastic bonding time for the team too, and so nice to meet many great citizens from across the United States.

I made three videos while in Kansas City as a way to stay in touch with everyone back home (and a total of 7 videos over the past week). It was neat to see so many people using YouTube, Twitter & Facebook to include others in the All-America City quest. This shows again how social media is changing the way we are able to communicate.

You can see our team’s presentation here, some of Andy Gee’s photos here, several videos I shot here, and follow the #allamericacity twitter stream too.

Online All-America City Articles (added 06-29-10)


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