Flat vs. Hipped Roof: What is your vote for this Sacramento house?

I took this photo a few days back as a comp photo for an appraisal I’m doing near the Del Paso Heights area of Sacramento. This image tells an obvious story of a new roof being installed – but not just a newer roof, but a different type of roof. The house is being transformed from flat to hipped in style. The first image is an MLS photo.

The interesting thing to note while driving through this neighborhood is that there was at least one other house having a gable or hipped roof installed. Moreover, though there are still quite a few flat roofs in this neighborhood, many roofs have already been converted to a higher pitch. I’ve seen this same phenomenon in West Sacramento too. Does this say anything about the market?

Which style of roof do you prefer?


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    I agree, the appeal has been increased a lot! From my experience the hip roof holds up better with leaks because the water can run off.

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    Thanks Sonja & Tom. I prefer roofs with a pitch too. In this neighborhood properties seem to be more marketable with a pitch. However, in other areas that may not be the case because flat or low-pitch roofs can sometimes be very stylish and therefore desirable among buyers.


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