Can you hear me now? Announcing Audio Posts on the Sacramento Appraisal Blog

I’m very excited to announce that I started an audio component to the Sacramento Appraisal Blog. Well, I actually began doing some “podcasts” earlier this year, but things will really be taken to a whole different level now. WordPress just announced a “Post to Voice” technology a couple of days ago where you call a number, leave a message up to an hour in length, and that message posts instantly to your blog. This should be fun and handy for quick thoughts, interviews, and even recording things like a concert or seminar.

Since I self-host all my wordpress themes, I had to break down and get a free blog at since “Post to Voice” is only available there right now. The “audio” portion is linked up throughout my “full blog” here though, so it should be easy to sync together. Check out my brand new audio blog at

I already put up three posts: Why I’m starting an audio blogNew 2010 property tax assessments (days away from being announced), and Bank-owned Properties and a Sense of Entitlement.

What other ways do you think a technology like this could be used? What are the pluses and minuses of audio vs. text?

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