Beepers, Outdated Technology & Marketing Slogans

The world has changed tremendously over the past decade in terms of technology and how we communicate. I was remembering yesterday for some reason how I used to have a pager in the mid-1990s and how obsolete this device would be for me today.

As a business owner I think a lot about marketing, and reminiscing of my days of having a beeper clipped to my belt made me think of short marketing points for yesterday’s technology. These would all be irrelevant in today’s world, but it’s funny how they used to be normative or even cutting edge.

Beep me and I’ll find a payphone to call you back right away

You don’t have to mail a letter. You can fax me.”

Look me up in the yellow pages.”

“We have email.”

Can you think of other marketing slogans for outdated technology? What type of technology did you use that is no longer relevant today? Did anyone else have a pager like me?


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    I never had a pager. At one point after college I was anti-cell phone, I didn’t want one and didn’t see the need for them. Funny to think about how dependent I am on my cell phone and the internet today.
    What about film cameras? I have been told by seasoned appraisers that they would develop the film, tape or glue them into an appraisal that they printed out, and then mailed the entire report to the lender. I love my digital camera!

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      That’s funny Bryan. I was the same way for a while. I resisted a cell phone because I didn’t want to “be on a leash”. Well, here I am on that very leash.

      You’ll have to find a pager on eBay so you can enjoy the feeling of clipping one to your belt. Sorry to hear you missed out on that. 🙂

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    Hi Ryan! Great topic. I think it’s funny how people still say they are “taping” television shows – “Oh, I won’t be home for the season premiere of Mad Men, but I’ll be sure to tape it.” Unless they’re using an old fashioned VHS machine, they probably mean “record” the show (via DVR or Tivo). 🙂

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      Good point, Barbara. Speaking of technology too, my wife and I were just talking about our wedding video and how we can’t watch it anymore since it is on VHS and we only have a DVD player now. Technology changes quite a bit in a decade.

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