Tips for starting a successful blog for your business

Last week a client invited me to speak to his office staff to help them understand how to build a successful blog for their real estate business. I was excited for the opportunity because it’s always nice to add value where I can. We talked about the relevance of using a blog as a tool to establish an online presence and why blogs are important. It was very practical too in that I set them up with usernames, and we even wrote a blog post on the spot. Learning should be experiential, right?  

I figured some of the content from my presentation might be useful to others, so I uploaded a 15-minute audio-video tutorial. Let me know what you think. 

If you work in the real estate field near Sacramento and I can help you sift through the world of blogging and building an online presence, let’s connect at 916.595.3735 or catch me on Facebook.

Any questions? What tips would you add to the mix?


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      Thanks Tom. Yes, this was the first formal presentation. I’ve had many phone conversations and such before, but never an office session. It was fun, but we really didn’t have enough time. A couple of rounds of discussion would really be best. I hope to do many more. I typically go to real estate offices and talk about FHA guidelines or some other facet of the appraisal world, so it’s nice to offer something else now too. 🙂

      I hear you went to Wordcamp. Bill was telling me. I look forward to hearing more about that.

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      Thanks so much, Bryan. I apprecaite it. It sure is true that our online presence is about relationships. It’s tempting to think that it has nothing to do with relationships because “online” is associated with “impersonal,” but we both know how untrue that is. As an aside, I’ve met a couple of really great Realtors in the past two weeks on Twitter too, which has been encouraging.


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