How a home owner paid me $89.00 to save $1,016 on his property taxes in Sacramento County

When should a home owner formally appeal his/her property taxes? How do you know if you should dispute the Assessor’s value? The rule of thumb is really simple. If there is enough savings left for you after you have paid someone to help you appeal, then it’s absolutely worth it. If there really isn’t any potential for money to come back to your wallet, then don’t even bother.

Have a look at the video below (or HERE) and see how a home owner in Sacramento County paid me $89.00 to save $1,016. Not a bad deal, right?

I act as a “tax appeal consultant” instead of a real estate appraiser when I do tax appeal work. See or call 916.595.3735 and I’ll check out your property for free to see if it looks like there is any potential savings to be had. This offer is good for residential property owners in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Solano & Merced Counties.


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    Great use of video here on YouTube. Way to go the extra mile with the green screen. Extremely useful information, well presented. I had no idea that you could hire somebody to help you with your assessment. Cool service, and excellent marketing Ryan.

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      Thanks Alison. I’ll definitely shoot a new video. I should check in with my client because the house might already be cleaned up (before the rehab). I’ll check out your videos.

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