Is property value in South Sacramento declining?

What has the housing market been doing? Are property values in Sacramento going down? I’ve done quite a bit of appraisal work in South Sacramento lately (I even have an inspection in the Meadowview area today), and over the past several months I’ve noticed a trend downward in property value in South Sacto and some other local areas too. What’s going on? Well, during the past 120 days we’ve seen inventory increase, the federal tax credit expire, and the beginning of the Fall season too, which is traditionally a bit slower. With all these factors at hand, competition has increased lately in various niches and the spike upward we saw in the beginning of 2010 is beginning to fade. Have a look at the screencast below where I talk through some graphs I made for a particular neighborhood.

Let me know if you have any questions. Comment below, send an email, give me a call at 916.595.3735 or catch me on Facebook. If you work in real estate, what are you seeing the neighborhoods you work in most often?


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    Ryan, that’s a very good question to be answering as the topic seems to be on the minds of home owners these days and in the daily news, since housing is such a huge part of our economy. Great Insight! Bill


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