Would you buy a house next to a cemetery?

In light of Halloween, it seems relevant to ask if it would matter to you to live next to a cemetery? What positives and negatives are there for backing to a graveyard like the picture below?

The image above is the “Carter Ranch” subdivision in the City of Winters, CA. This tract was built around 2003 and is located just south of the Winters cemetery. I just finished up an appraisal in this subdivision.


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    A positive is that you can probably rest in peace at night knowing your neighbors won’t be making a lot of noise!

    Seriously though, it is hard to say if I would buy a house on that street or not. From the photo it looks like several of the homes have large trees between their lots and the cemetery. It also looks like there is a fence. I am guessing there really isn’t much of a view of the cemetery.

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      That’s definitely a positive. 🙂

      There is a fence (like most of California- we like our fences). It would be odd if the there was an open view of the cemetery. That would probably be a bigger deal for some buyers. The view likely isn’t an issue, but maybe more of the location for some people.


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