The 200th video on Sacramento Real Estate Tube

I don’t think I’ve mentioned SacTube here since March, so I figured I’d give a little shoutout since I just posted video #202 yesterday. If you didn’t know, I launched a website eight months ago called Sacramento Real Estate Tube with the goal of creating a resourceful video real estate hub for locals and the general public.

It’s been neat to see the website improve over time and it’s been great to connect with local real estate professionals too. One of the byproducts for me hosting this site is that I’ve been able to connect with some solid real estate professionals like Chad FochtGena Riede, and The Ostroms, as well as learn a thing or two from their videos.

Sometimes agents ask me why I run “The Tube”. Maybe it seems a little unexpected to see an appraiser spear-heading something like this. Basically the purpose of SacTube is threefold: 1) Be a non-spammy resource to the public by sharing good videos; 2) Help increase web exposure for local real estate professionals (free marketing never hurts, right?); and 3) Build strong business relationships. In all of this, I firmly believe in being authentic and genuinely resourceful and helpful. Did I mention too how relevant I think video is for conveying information too?

If you have any questions about the site or videos to share, let me know. There is zero cost to post videos. Thank you for listening to my great news.


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      Thank you very much, Tom. It’s been really fun. I think it’s a great resource, I’ve learned some things from videos, and I really have developed some good relationships out of it.

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