Three years of sales in the Rosemont Area of Sacramento & thoughts on graphs

I’m doing some market research right now in the Rosemont area of Sacramento. As an FYI, I thought locals might like to see all Rosemont sales graphed out over the past three years. There is a pretty clear trend downward when considering the entire spectrum of time, right?

The first graph contains all Rosemont sales with no parameters, whereas the second graph depicts only sales between 1300-1700 square feet built between 1950-1990. You can see how the second graph trims off some of the top and bottom of the market. If I were to continue to include graphs in this post, you’d see the data getting tighter and tighter as I narrow down the parameters on my data. This tightening phenomenon really helps to illuminuate the beginning part of my appraisal process in researching the big picture in a neighborhood, and then slowly breaking down the data into chunks more similar to the house I am appraising. The more research I do, the more I narrow down a realistic market value for a property.

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By the way, if you live in the Rosemont area of Sacramento, what do you like most about the neighborhood?


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