Comparing 2 and 3-bedroom units in the Arden Manor neighborhood of Sacramento

I’ve spent a good deal of time appraising in the Arden Manor neighborhood through the years, but recently while I was doing some research, I thought it might be interesting to put together a visual demonstration of sales to see if a graph might show what I see regularly in the trenches of appraisal work. Is there a value difference between 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes in the Arden Manor neighborhood of Sacramento?

Generally speaking, 2-bedroom units usually sell less than 3-bedroom units, but one thing we should be careful of in real estate is making absolute statements such as “2-bedrooms ALWAYS sell less than 3-bedrooms.” It’s just not true across the board, and in the case of Arden Manor, though I’d say it’s generally true that 2-bedroom units sell toward the lower end of the market range, there are some very clear examples above of two-bedroom houses competing at similar or higher levels to 3-bedroom houses. This makes sense of course because there are so many factors beyond just bedroom count to consider in real estate (location, condition, upgrades, layout, design, quality of construction…).

If you live in the Arden Manor Neighborhood, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about the area. What do you like about Arden Manor and/or Arden-Arcade? Have you seen any change over the past ten years from real estate boom to bust?

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