Which house is overbuilt for the neighborhood?

I came across this street in Sacramento last week and shot a quick video. Which house do you think might be overbuilt for the area? Does one stand out to you? The answer is obvious, I know, because one house is defnitely 2x or more the size of surrounding houses.

What disadvantages or advantages might an overbuilt house have? I’d love to hear your comments and stories below.

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  1. Michael Bolton says

    I would like to see the original appraisal; where did they get their comparables? Great video, a picture is worth an overvalued house.


    • says

      Me too. I’d love to take a peak. There may be some other “McMansion”-type properties in the neighborhood. Since I was not appraising this house, I didn’t take time to really look. I know in other parts of Sacramento, particularly East Sacramento, there are definitely other McMansion houses to sift through for data. This neighborhood is likely not so lucky, so it would make for an interesting appraisal – that’s for sure. Thanks for the comment Michael.


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