Is there a connection between local parks and real estate values?

A park can really function as a soul for a community in that it can help define a neighborhood as well as provide a hub for relationships to grow. Parks offer space for exercise, kids to play, community events, and just hanging out with locals. A great park can help boost real estate values too since families are often attracted to living within walking distance to a park. On the contrast, if a park is deemed unsafe, blighted, or has continual illegal activity, it can create a stigma for the community, and therefore be a real estate turn-off.

My favorite parks in the Sacramento area include McKinley Park, Southside Park (Spaceship), William Land Park, Stone Creek Park, and Hagan Park. Nothing beats walking around McKinley Park with my wife, but I think overall Hagan Park is really my favorite because I love the location literally next to the American River, the vast open space, fishing, and so many great events throughout the year. I actually did some creative photo “videos” on the trails at Hagan Park a couple years ago on my bike.

Why are parks on my mind? I recently shot a video update of White Rock Park in Rancho Cordova as it is currently being rehabbed. This park has long been an eyesore for the community, but it is finally being updated after many years of disrepair. This park ought to breathe fresh life into the community, and that is a great thing.

What is your favorite park in the Sacramento area? What benefit does a good park have for a community? Have you ever made a real estate decision based on a local park?

This video was uploaded from a MyTouch 4G phone with no editing at all. As a side note, I am loving this new phone and the video quality.


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    A big draw for parks in our area is the athletic fields that have been built with them. Because baseball and football are so popular they help to bring people to them. Great post on an overlooked feature of a community.


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