Natomas Field vs. Capital Village: Nearly identical models, but different locations

It always tickles my real estate mind to see a builder construct the same exact models used in one community in an entirely different neighborhood somewhat nearby. Of course, this happens all the time in tract construction throughout the Greater Sacramento Region, and we don’t bat an eye because most of us don’t see all the different neighborhoods. But “Natomas Field” by Beazer Homes stands out to me because of the vibrant colors of the “Fusion” units first seen in the “Capital Village” neighborhood in Rancho Cordova. If you’re local, the images below of “Natomas Field” off Arena Blvd & I-80 look pretty much like Capital Village, right? (minus a difference in colors for the vibrant units).

Photos from “Natomas Field” Neighborhood in Sacramento (Natomas):

Photos and Video of “Capital Village” neighborhood in Rancho Cordova:

The video below will help you get a good sense of the Capital Village neighborhood. Capital Village is located off of Zinfandel and Highway 50. I shot this video tour in June 2009 and it has about 1,800 hits so far on YouTube (good for a video like this, but bad if I was a rockstar).

One important thing to note is that the Natomas Field neighborhood has not yet been completed, and there is currently no ongoing construction. In contrast, much of the construction at Capital Village has been completed thus far, and there are still homes being built and sold (new construction is actually a rarity in the Sacramento area right now due to the low cost of housing). Note that Capital Village will eventually expand south of International Drive too, so only the northern portion is approaching completion. There is no commercial property within immediate walking distance to Natomas Field, but Capital Village has quite a few commercial properties and corporations right next to the neighborhood. Both communities do have at least one local park and are located within close proximity to a major highway (50 or 80).

So what do you think? If you’ve seen the location for both of these neighborhoods, which community would you choose? If you live in Capital Village or Natomas Field, what do you think of the community? Also, do you think it’s possible to replicate a neighborhood in one community to a different one? That’s a good discussion to be had. If you have any questions or insight about these neighborhoods, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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    Very nice video and quick commentary about the area. You dont mention the price ranges. I dont suppose you might have done a past rent survey there…? Its all about cash flow to see if an investor can buy one and make sense. (We are looking in Las Vegas presently for a rental.) Maybe a future topic, would it make a good rental in this nice new area?

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      Thanks, Sonja. I didn’t talk about price since I’m not selling anything here. I could’ve made this a more detailed post with graphs of recent sales and listings, but that’s just too much for the day. I haven’t done a rental survey, but I do know someone renting in Capital Village as well as multiple home owners. Good luck with your rental property. I bet there are some deals in Vegas right now too in light of the housing market and economy.

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