A major remodel of a $5,000 house in Sacramento

This house was a major Oak Park fixer, and it actually sold in 2010 for $5,000. No, I’m not kidding. This was the lowest sale in all of Sacramento County last year, and there was certainly a good reason for that. Have a look at the video below to catch a glimpse of images throughout the rehab process and a walkthrough of the finished product.

This property was rehabbed by Housing Group Fund under the umbrella of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) through SHRA. I shot this video during an appraisal inspection, and I have full permission to share the video and information (otherwise I would not be sharing it). And no, I’m not asking blog readers to buy this house and I’m not marketing to you either. I simply want to share a video about a house we’ve talked about here on the blog a couple times already. 

What do you think?

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    What a transformation Ryan. Birmingham is utilizing fund from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program as well but I have not seen one done this well. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks, Tom. The difference here is pretty remarkable. There is usually a pretty good change when NSP is being used, but not often this extreme. It’s a good thing. I’m so happy for the neighborhood.

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    WOWZA! That would definitely be a “severe fixer”! So cool to see the before and after photos but so distressing that it was allowed to deteriorate so badly in the first place. Again, really like how you put together your video.

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    I live on the desert. I want to buy a rundown fixer upper. area, well, yes and no. I was in Sacramento, County. about Seven years in 1983-1990.
    I also lived in various towns, fairoaks, north highlands, carmichal, I understand Realistate is as usual……I am interested in family mobile home parks, “that forclosure” the owner needs to “bail”, paid for etc. I only want to spend small, like offer! not for investment but to live.
    two bedrooms or more, decks, “can you give me a lead or two?” plz. I am a serious buyer like asap. I am 65 and have alot of family there.
    sincerly, nancy
    Well a small home to fix, well im not BIG financially. and Im not getting younger, a home might be out of my range. and I wouldn’t beat a Realtor to one anyhow!
    I saw the video on the oakpark home. I would never buy in oakpark…..well im more into the heart of Sacramento. bit north. well hope you have a lead…..?
    a farm would e nice! lol

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      Hi Nancy. Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you are targeting a niche market to say the least. I don’t have any leads right now for someone looking to do what you are doing. May mobile home parks are not actually real estate (since the land is not owned by the owner), so I really don’t come across them too often. An investor friend a while back was flipping some trailers though in Roseville. You may want to check out some mobiles in Roseville. There may be more than one complex, though I can only think of one. Best wishes. Sorry I could not help more.


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