How HVCC has been a catalyst for my business

My industry changed in a huge way two years ago. Many real estate appraisers are actually no longer in business because they were basically sideswiped when something called the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) came along.

I get asked quite a bit about HVCC and how I feel about it, so I wanted to offer my two cents. This is probably not what you were expecting to hear, but HVCC has actually been a catalyst to take my business to the next level. Look, I’m not an HVCC groupie by any means, but rather than focus on the problems created for the appraisal industry due to HVCC, I have worked hard to expand niche areas of business instead. It’s in my DNA to find solutions – whether with business or community involvement. Watch the video below to hear my story.

Has your industry experienced changes in recent years? How did you respond to these changes? Why do you think some of us see opportunities during hardships while others only see threats? Is the glass half full or half empty for you?

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    Wow Ryan. What a great video. You really touched on a lot of important topics that relate to not only appraisers but any business owner. Appraisers have a tremendous amount of knowledge about their local market and you are using your websites and social media to prove you are that expert. The connections that you have made with local agents and homeowners through your websites are fantastic. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us all that we can grow our business, it just takes hard work and a positive attitude.

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      Thanks Bryan for such a thoughtful comment. So many industries have experienced change in recent years. I think the Yellow Pages is another great example of a business model that has experienced change. I don’t know about you, but mine goes straight to the recycle bin.

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        The Yellow Pages, what is that? Oh wait, I think I know what you are talking about. I use to use that to look up phone numbers right? 🙂 That is a great example, I haven’t opened up a phone book or the yellow pages in years, straight to the recycle bin they go. It is interesting because a lot of times when change happens people just focus on the jobs or industry section that is most negatively affected, but if you look close, there are other segments that form or grow out of a new need or change in the business. They key is to not be left behind wondering what happened, but to be on the forefront and be proactive, kind of like what you have been doing expanding and diversifying your business. Kudos! With so so much negativity about the appraisal industry these days you video is very inspiring!

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          Well said, Bryan. I think you’re so right about change. With such fast-moving technology advances, those who don’t pay attention can be left behind.

          This all reminds me of watching movies like Wall Street or You’ve Got Mail and seeing the enormous phones or the sheer wonder of hearing a message say “You’ve Got Mail”. Things change.

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    Same as what Bryan and Orlando said. You are being proactive in your situation and I applaud you for that. I to am pursuing non lender work. You have provided a lot of good ideas, as Bryan said, that not only appraisers can use but all business owners. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks, Tom. Good for you. I think business is a whole lot like life. We ultimately cannot control our circumstanes, but we can control the way we respond. Thanks again.

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    Diversification is key…

    As a part of your diversification….Yellow pages still work very well. There are many people who do not own a computer and do not want to buy one. Even many that own a computer as well that still use the yellow pages. If you are still using a 2 line add though, that does not cut it, those listings are a dime a dozen. You need an 1/8 column add or larger depending on your competition. When times are the toughest, advertising is the most important and it is part of a program that includes advertising on the internet. The yellow pages are used heavily by people that need private appraisals, including attorneys, CPA’s, homeowners and others.

    Join LinkedIn a professional network (it’s free) and then look for and become a part of the USPAP, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Group at
    We have 1,909 members now and growing. Our members include more AQB Certified USPAP Instructors than any group I am aware of, with the exception of The Appraisal Foundation itself. We also have multiple people in leadership from The Appraisal Foundation, the Appraisal Section of NAR, NAIFA, AI, FannieMae, Freddie Mac and numerous regulatory Appraisers and investigatory Appraisers, truly a unique mix. In addition to those there are many other Appraisers, lenders, AMC representatives, Appraisal school representatives and others with an interest in USPAP and what it is we do.

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      Hi Donald. Thank you for the comment and tips. It’s well said that “diversification is key.” I have colleagues who use the Yellow Pages and they do get business. That’s not a direction I prefer, but others may find it relevant. Personally, I throw away the yellow pages as soon as they hit my doorstep.

      It’s so true about marketing. We always need to market – regardless of what type of business we are in. When we stop marketing, we start dying. A business is a living organism and we need to continue to feed it. I checked out your website and it looks like your company has been around for quite some time. Congratulations.

      Take care. Thanks again.

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