A Tub Planter = Creative Landscaping?

I came across this tub in a backyard in Sacramento recently. I’m always intrigued to see the creative things homeowners do for landscaping. My wife and I are huge gardening fans as we plant every single year. I don’t know if a tub would really fit the overall theme of my backyard, but I tend to like things like this when I see them. 

What do you think? Do you plan to plant a garden this year?

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  1. Heidi says

    We might plant a garden this year. We did two years ago and loved it. I’ve always wanted a claw foot tub to use as an art rinsing station, but have also thought it might be fun as a giant “cooler” with ice for summer parties out back. 🙂

  2. says

    My wife and I have been talking about starting s small garden this year, maybe start out slow and plant one or two things like some tomato plants. What all do you grow?

    • says

      Go for it, Bryan. Tomatoes are a fantastic and easy plant go grow. We’ve always had great success with them. It’s really nice to grow different types of tomatoes too like cherry or roma. We grow a few types of squash, zucchini, and last year we did pumpkins. Our peppers never seem to do too well, so we’re still looking to find our rhythm there. It’s fun to have the boys go out and eat straight from the “farm”. Keep me posted if you take the plunge, Bryan.

      • says

        Yes, I look forward every year to my deck tomatoes. The Early Girl is always a winner. I’ve tried so many others in the attempt to get larger sizes, but they never are impressive as the Early Girl. Since we have deer and turkeys, nothing can be planted in our yard without them having a feast. I’ll keep the flowers and bounty on the deck for ourselves! The tub is a cute idea after a remodel, why pay someone to toss it away; after all it does have a drainage hole!

        • says

          You sound like a pro at gardening, Sonja. Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize you were from such a hilly territory. You probably have to keep chicken wire around all your plants to help keep the deer out.

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