Pouring rain in Sacramento and leaky roofs

It’s been pouring rain over the past week in Sacramento (except yesterday thankfully). While on an appraisal inspection in the City of Galt on Friday, I snapped this image off Fumasi Drive at Vernon E Greer Middle School. The baseball diamond looks quite a bit like a lake, don’t you think?

There is traditionally a lull in real estate market activity during Winter months as inventory shoots up and prices cool down too. One of the advantages of shopping around during wet months though is that you get to see just how well the roof works. For example, I’ve had two very recent appraisal inspections where there has been obvious active water leaking. Had these inspections been in summer months though, there is a good chance the roof problem would have been missed because there may have been no obvious damage.

Do you have a leaky roof story? Or maybe leaking windows?

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