The trend of sales in Rancho Cordova in Anatolia, Stone Creek and the entire 95670 Zip Code

What’s the difference between Stone Creek, Capital Village, Anatolia and the rest of Rancho Cordova? Have a look at the trend graph below of all sales over the past three years throughout the City of Rancho Cordova. Houses built before 1990 include territory north of Highway 50 as well as south too. Properties built after 1990 in the 95670 zip code basically include the Stone Creek area as well as Capital Village (most houses were built in the past ten years, though there is one development built in the mid-1990s). Lastly, the 95742 zip code includes Anatolia, Kavala Ranch and Sunridge.

What do you see? What stands out to you about differences or the overall trend?

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      Nice eye, Sonja. You knew something was going on by looking at the scatter graph. Good question. The 95742 has some of the highest sales in Rancho Cordova and that is because the zip code is comprised of newer construction (basically 2005 and on). The houses are newer in age and also some of the largest in size in Rancho Cordova. The main part of the 95742 zip code has an HOA too called “Anatolia” (not all of the 95742 is Anatolia though – but it is all new construction more or less). These factors help sales in the zip code sell above other places in the city. If you take the median price figures for the entire City too, it can be misleading because there is a big difference between 95742, 95670 and even newly constructed properties in the 95670 zip code. The prices in Anatolia tend to inlate the overall median price level for the entire City.

  1. Ron Smith says

    looking to build a self storage in the sunrise douglas area. can you tell me how many people live within a three mile area of sunrise and douglas? how about a small “strip center” for the area? good idea or not?

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      Hi Ron. Thanks for the email. I don’t have capabilities of running stats like that off the cuff, but I imagine either EDD has something on their website where you can do a search of at least employed individuals by census tract, or better yet you can reach out to Economic Development. I know the director of Economic Development at City Hall in Rancho Cordova. I bet they would be happy to answer some questions and maybe share some stats too. If you want, I can introduce you through email or give you their contact information. Email me if interested (ryan [at] lundquistcompany [dot] com).

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