No longer half-built in the Oak Park Neighborhood

It’s nice to take pause and see good things happening in the Sacramento real estate market. It’s not all bad news thankfully. Below are three houses on 37th Street in the Oak Park area that began construction several years back, but ended up going into foreclosure during the building process. These houses sat vacant for quite a while until they were purchased in January 2010 by an investor. All units have since been rehabbed throughout and are currently listed for sale. I snapped the half-built photo in October 2009 and the remodeled photo last week. 

This is a win for the neighborhood, don’t you think?  

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      That’s great, Keith. I had no idea you sold this one until you commented. Congrats!!! Good to see you today too. Send me an invite if you want to come over to see the clubhouse, okay. 🙂


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