Our clubhouse is now complete… and I’m tired!!

I shared a few weeks ago about the clubhouse I began building in my backyard. Well, after sneaking in time after work to build, paint and accessorize, this little fort is now fully functional. My boys and I actually camped on the balcony last Friday too, so this clubhouse is definitely official. Thank you to a friend on Twitter for the suggestion of adding a dumbwaiter too. Take a short video tour below if you wish.

Have you built something simlar? Any suggestions of other things to add?

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  1. Michael Bolton says

    Awesome! I love the weapons closet; your kids will remember their fort for a long time. Good Job!

    • says

      Thanks, Michael. I like that feature too. The kids really like having it. I plan to add some other cabinets eventually, but I am beat from all the building. Any other additions are going to have to wait a few weeks or months. I’m done for a bit.


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