Vendor BBQ and appraisals for Realtors

I spent the bulk of today at the YPC Vendor BBQ at the Sacramento Association of Realtors. It was a very successful event that raised over $5,100 for the scholarship fund. Nice job everyone!! I paid for a vendor booth too, so it was fun to represent, mingle with friends and meet some new faces too. There were quite a number of Realtors wondering why I had a booth since appraisers can no longer be hand-picked for loans. But the truth is there are thankfully so many other avenues of business where appraisers and agents can still connect. Here’s a one-minute video I did while at the Vendor BBQ. 

Thank you again everyone for making this day a great one. A special thank you to Michelle Kaspari of Essential Home Staging for doing an excellent job chairing this event.

If you have any real estate appraisal, consulting, or property tax appeal needs in the Greater Sacramento Region, contact me at 916.595.3735, by email, on our appraiser website or via Facebook.


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    It sounds like it was a really good thing that you had a booth. Being able to connect face to face and remind everyone that even though a real estate agent can not pick the appraiser anymore you can definitely still do business together. It looks like you had a good time too!

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