Positive real estate news in Elk Grove

How about some positive real estate news? Let’s unpack all sales in Elk Grove to see the trend with bank-owned vs. short sale properties over the past 36 months. 

The overall percentage of bank-owned sales has decreased in Elk Grove during the last few years. At the same time, short sales have more than doubled in 36 months. Additionally, the total percentage of distressed sales (REO + SS) has decreased from 86% three years ago to 73% over the past two consecutive years. I’ll unpack more of the market in coming days too to share some of the trends I see in the appraisal trenches of Elk Grove. The data above is based on all detached SFR sales in Sacramento MLS

What do you make of the numbers above?

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  1. Donald Childs says

    I’d be interested in seeing this data plotted on a google map. We were looking at places around the Kloss Park neighborhood/subdivision, just north/south of it. Laguna seems to be holding it’s value better than the neighborhoods east of Hwy 99.

    • says

      That would be really interesting, Donald. Good idea. I wonder if there is a way to get my data from Excel to Google to plot this. Do you know of a way?

      I like the area around Kloss Park. There are some really good deals there right now too. There are many very decent-sized houses priced $175-200K easily (and lower) and the upper end under $250K for the most part (minus a couple streets in the neighborhood that are really in a different market due to being larger and more custom).


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