What do you think of this window with a view?

Privacy is priceless, right? How would you feel about living in a second-story bedroom that is directly in line with a hallway to the house next door (about 10 ft away)? I suppose it would make borrowing sugar or butter from neighbors a bit easier if you installed some sort of dumbwaiter, but my suspicion is that the occupant of the bedroom would do very little with the blinds open (especially at night).

I snapped this photo recently while on an appraisal inspection. My inner-designer always cringes when seeing flaws like this that dampen privacy. It’s almost as if you would have to avert your eyes to avoid looking in the neighbor’s house, right? I’ve never personally had a window with this set-up, but I know friends who have seen far more than they bargained for due to windows as such. 

Would this be a deal-killer or no big deal for you when purchasing a house? Have you ever lived in a house where your privacy felt cramped for some reason?

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