Removing a pillar by flexing community muscles

This has been a truly amazing week for me. I’ve been absolutely slammed with business and wonderful things have been happening in the community too. I wrote a few months ago about crime and property value as it pertained to a particular pillar in Rancho Cordova that had become a haven for all sorts of negative activity which culminated in the discovery of a body behind this pillar on January 1.

Over the past few months residents have really come together to take action for the sake of the health and future of the community. A grassroots campaign was initiated to call the community to vote to tear down the pillar, beautify the site, and foster a greater sense of neighborhood communication also. You can check out an interview I did with News 10 if you wish (click on link above). To make a long story short, the community voted to tear down the pillar with a 98% YES vote (over 300 votes) and the pillar was removed yesterday. Way to go residents!!!

This is what it looks like to make decisions together to invest in the future of a neighborhood, promote safety and make a very tangible difference. This is what gets my heart pumping and one of the things that makes me tick. Improving a community happens when we get intentional. You never know what type of difference you can make unless you put your hand to the plow and decide to act upon the little dreams brewing in your heart and mind. Maybe you’re the answer to some of the problems in your community? Maybe your neighborhood is waiting for you to step up as a leader? Why not you?

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