A Streng neighborhood: River City Commons

I’ve written previously about “Streng” homes in the Sacramento area. If you don’t know what a Streng is, in short it’s a mid-century modern (MCM) home built by the Streng Brothers and designed by Carter Sparks. Strengs are distinct because they have a modern architectural feel to them. Some Streng characteristics include a flat or low-pitched roof, high windows, skylights, plain colors, terrariums and overall a minimalist vibe. Strengs were influenced by Bay Area builder Joe Eichler.

Strengs are often found sprinkled throughout communities in Sacramento, and sometimes we’ll see an entire street of Strengs. This is not the case though with River City Commons because this community is comprised of nine streets of Streng homes. River City Commons is a PUD subdivision in southern Natomas (near Truxel & W El Camino) and was built between 1978-1981 and consists of 196 units (single family detached and halfplex). There is a minimal HOA fee, a fenced park, tennis courts and two pools. It’s also worth mentioning the community has a rule to limit rentals to 25% or less.

Here are some photos of Streng homes in River City Commons:

As shown below, there really haven’t been too many sales in River City Commons over the past few years. It’s easy to see that prices have come down from the boom years though, right?

Here are some links in case you’re interested in Streng properties. If you have other link suggestions, do let me know.

River City Commons Neighborhood Website
River City Commons Original Architecture (pdf)
Eichler Network
Floor Plans for Streng Homes
Modern Valley Blog
Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Tour
Streng Brothers Homes

Questions: What do you think of Streng homes? If you live in River City Commons, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the neighborhood. What do you like best? Why did you move there?

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  1. Anne Graviet says

    The atrium models make me swoon! ::swoon::

    I love it when Streng owners keep to the original style and don’t McMansion it up with granite and cherrywood updates. Vintage is cool.

    And, I think it’s neat that Steve Streng is a Realtor, specializing in Streng-built homes (of course.) I called him once and he’s great to talk with – he’s very helpful and he knows every little detail about every Streng on the market, past & present.

    Thanks for another great post, Ryan! You’re very helpful too 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Anne. There is definitely a movment among some Streng owners to keep things original, whereas others do upgrade kitchen cabinetry and counters and such. I’m okay with a happy medium personally. I do love the vintage fireplaces though. One of the photos of the terrarium above cracks me up because the tree is starting to get fairly large for the Living Room. Strengs definitely have style beyond a cookie-cutter ranch house.

  2. Juliemarg says

    I love mid century mod and there are some nice Streng homes near Del Paso Country Club. Jim Streng was a county supervisor in the 80s.

    • says

      Thanks for the comment, Julie. There sure are some distinct properties near Del Paso Country Club (especially right on Morse Ave). I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Strengs next time I am in the neighborhood.

  3. says

    Ryan, I think it is very cool how every community or area of the country has their own style of home unique to its location. We of course don’t have these types of homes in the Birmingham, Alabama area but there are some other unique styles. Thanks for sharing.

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