Sayonara to Sayonara Drive

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Sayonara Drive in Citrus Heights, have a look at some of the change. You may have heard of this infamous street being bought up by the City of Citrus Heights in recent years as 15 fourplexes were demolished in April 2010. According to the city itself:

Sayonara Drive represents one of the City’s greatest challenges. The street has the most calls for service of any street in the City for both police, fire and code enforcement (approximately 32 times the City average). The layout of the buildings and the lots on the street is both dysfunctional and unattractive. From the early 1950s when Sayonara was first developed, it suffered from high tenant turnover, crime and an assortment of social problems. Changing these dynamics is an ambitious endeavor which requires a substantial investment of time and money.
Nearly the entire street on Sayonara Drive consisted of fourplex units like the ones below, and many of these units have had major deferred maintenance over the years.
There are now vacant lots where 15 fourplexes used to exist. The lots appear to be well maintained and the street has been improved with lighting also.

I suggest reading through the Sayonara Drive Improvement Strategy (pdf) directly from the City of Citrus Heights in order to get a sense of the background, status and potential options for this street.

What do you think of the city’s efforts so far? What would you like to see happen to Sayonara Drive?

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  1. Anne Graviet says

    This is not the first time Citrus Heights decided to solve their problems with a bulldozer.

    Maybe someday they’ll bulldoze the homes of the crooked politicians, polluting corporations and thieving Banksters and Wall Street casino gamblers in retaliation for all of their crimes, the blight and misery that they created, and for draining our city and county budgets with their associated gang activity.

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