Quick tips for real estate blogging

Real estate blogging has been a big part of my business and it’s something I enjoy doing too. I’ve written 515 posts over the past few years and I’ve built some really good business relationships and friendships along the way. Blogging is not a place for oversharing and “Dear diary” sort of entires, but rather an opportunity to share knowledge, build relationships and connect with existing and potential customers. If done right, a blog can help build credibility and expertise for a business as well as serve as a place where potential clients can feel you out before deciding to do give you a call.

Here are some blogging tips I’ve discovered along the way. If you’re new to blogging though, don’t feel like you need to do all of this at once.

  1. Blog existence: Why does your blog exist? Know why you are writing and who you are writing for. This guides content, style and frequency of posts.
  2. Good content: Be resourceful and share solid information about the local real estate market. Good content will win business over time because it builds trust. Additionally, good content tends to be found online and shared by others online too.
  3. Be consistent: If you’re just starting out, get a post up once per month. Then switch to twice per month and then once a week. You don’t have to post every day. Find a rhythm that works for you and your clients.
  4. Get on base: Don’t try to hit a home run with every post by creating the end-all real estate post of the century. Just get on base consistently and you’ll score runs over time.
  5. Don’t write a novel: Be brief and to the point. A few paragraphs will suffice most of the time.
  6. Be yourself: Don’t try to be the end-all agent who appeals to everyone. That’s not possible. Just be yourself because people can relate to authenticity. Be personable, let others see what you’re about and provide solid information.
  7. Don’t be negative: Negativity is not good for business. Be positively attractive instead. People don’t like to be around complainers, so don’t be one.
  8. Share your posts: Share your content on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other ways you’d like. You’ll want to make sure to add a “share” plugin or widget at the bottom of each post so people can “like” on Facebook, tweet….
  9. Pictures: Use a picture in each post if you can. Make sure it’s a proper size. A website and posts do not have to be professionally designed, but if the format looks bad, then it doesn’t build credibility.
  10. Answer questions: Answer people’s questions in your posts. What questions are people asking in real estate? What help do people need in your market? What do you know that can be a resource to others? I heard Mike Mueller say once that your blog post topics are found in your “sent” email folder. That’s where you’ve answered questions already to clients. Your answers could be good posts.
  11. Write down blog ideas: Keep a file or corkboard handy where you write down post ideas. This will help you keep a stash of good potential content at your fingertips. Also, write about what you are currently doing or learning. For example, if you are knee-deep in market trenches in a certain neighborhood, find a way to post about that because  your content is already very fresh in your mind. Or if you run across something funny in the field, why not share that?
  12. Use keywords in your post: What words are people using in a Google search to find information they’re looking for? Try to use these types of words in your title and post. Don’t overthink it though to the point where your posts sound mechanical and non-human.
  13. Use proper tags: Tags are a way to help sum up your post in a few words. Use multiple tags in the “tagging” feature of your blogging platform that describe your post. Google does pay attention to tags.
  14. Use Links: Link to other posts on your blog, pages on your website or resources that will help your readers. Make your links external if the link is to a different website, but internal if it is your own.
  15. Ask a question at the end of each post: I picked up this tip from Problogger and I think it’s very useful. Ask a final question to help engage readers with your content.
  16. Do what works for you: Everyone does “social media” differently. Find a rhythm that works for you and ignore what won’t work. Just because a so-called social media guru says something doesn’t mean you need to do it. Be yourself.
  17. Avoid overselling: Lastly, don’t try to “close the deal” in every post. It’s easy to sniff out an agenda or used car salesman vibe. Just focus on providing good content, be yourself and let people know briefly how they can contact you at the end of each post. Basically, if people think of you like the guy to the right (or a stereotypical real estate professional) after reading your posts, it’s time to stop selling so hard and adjust your methodology.

I hope this was helpful. Do you have any other tips?

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    Great post, Ryan. I’m saving this post to Evernote for future reference. Ah, there’s a tip for your readers. Item #11 – “write down blog ideas”; even better is to keep a list of current blog ideas, links etc. in Evernote.

    • says

      Thanks so much, Wendell. That is a really great tip. You sound like an avid Evernote user. I hear good things about it. It has really helped me to keep a running list to pull ideas from. Thanks for the tip.

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    I really like the idea that your best post ideas are in your email sent folder. Sometimes that is the easiest place to look. Great job Ryan.

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      Thanks so much, Tom. I think you are so right. Blogging can be made much easier if we simply share what we know and maybe let recent data, experiences and conversations inspire posts.

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    OK….another New Year Resolution. Motivated by this great post. Start being in contact more, sharing ideas, both on the appraisal and wine side. COMMUNICATE through micro blogging, FB, Twitter, etc. Build relationships. Have fun.


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