Letting the dogs pee outside is an okay idea

Have you seen soiled carpet from pets before? Let me share my personal winner from an inspection a long while ago. Carpet like this certainly lowers property value, but it’s also indicative that the pets surely rule the roost. The stains from urine and feces were dramatic throughout the house. The smell surprisingly was not all that bad, but I did feel nauseous afterward and took a shower when I got home. An investor purchased this ten-year old 3000 square foot home, cleaned things up, patched landscaping and installed some minor upgrades to re-list it nearly 20% above its previous selling price as a short sale in need of some love.

What do you think when  you see images like this?

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  1. says


    Looks like a job for the “Rug Doctor”. In the first photo I’m hoping that’s a toy spider. The worst house for me was the owners let their pet ferrets live in the upper level, and not if cages.


  2. Coronado says

    As a cultural custom, we take our shoes off upon entering our home, but I wouldn’t dare remove my shoes in this home. Disgusting!

    • says

      This was a nice short sale situation for a very lucky buyer. Positive marketing? House is perfect, but just needs some carpet updating.

      I hope your listings are a bit more on the clean side these days, Heather.

  3. Elisha says

    We live way up north(ok 120miles up) and I have been reading your blog since last year. This picture has been burned in my memory since last year. It’s a cautionary tale to pet owners! When I read your post today I just knew it was going to link back to this picture! Wonderful blog by the way.

    • says

      Thanks so much for reading, Elisha. I really appreciate that. It looks like we think alike. A post like the one today just had to link back to this one. It’s too good of an example. I agree with you. Pet owners, please listen. I suppose I should apologize though for burning a photo like this in your mind. 🙂

    • says

      That’s funny. I actually inspected a house today with one room full of cats. It wasn’t anywhere near the level of the “dog house” here, but it definitely wasn’t a rosy situation.


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