Fenestration: real estate word of the day

If you want to sound smart today, use the word “fenestration” in a sentence. Unless you’re hanging out with architects or fans of the real estate category on Jeopardy, people may not know what you are talking about. Fenestration is the design and placement of windows (and other openings) in a building. When observing windows and how they are arranged on a modern house, for example, you might say “By golly, that is some striking fenestration”. Or maybe you’d say something like “There were enormous changes to fenestration as Dave converted his home to the bat cave.” In all seriousness, fenestration does actually matter in real estate for energy efficiency, aesthetics, promoting conformity in a neighborhood, safety and many other ways. Just think how much of a safety issue it would be for a bedroom to have only one square foot window six feet off the ground. Not too many folks could fit through something like that, right?

When do you seem to take notice of the relationship between windows and a building? Are there certain types of architecture that make an impression on you in terms of how windows are used?

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