I’m not asking you to do anything unethical, but…

Can we do better than this? I want to share about an interaction I had with a real estate agent recently. This post in no way aims to bash agents because I have a great respect for many local agents. Not only do I sit on a council with SAR, but I’ve had three private appraisal assignments this week from agents.

The Scenario:  The listing agent met me at the inspection and told me that if this property appraised any less than the sales price, his seller would have to do a short sale. He was very specific – even a couple thousand less!! He really needed this to happen!! Moreover, a “low” FHA appraisal would stick with the property and harm the sale from moving forward. Apparently this guy did not read my post on tips for talking with appraisers, but thankfully he was concerned for my ethics by the end of the conversation. After two minutes of pressuring me to appraise this house for at least the sales price, the agent said, “but I don’t want you to do anything unethical.”

Questions:  What is wrong with this scenario? Real estate agents, how could this agent have handled the situation better? What is motivating the agent to communicate like this? How could the agent have been a resource instead of an example of what not to say? What do you think I said in response? Please be cordial and constructive in your comments.

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