A drive through property value in Capital Village

Sometimes when thinking of property value in the Sacramento area, I think of the “steep grade” signs on the side of the road. Most trend graphs for the market over the past several years end up looking something like these signs.

I just finished up an appraisal in the Capital Village neighborhood of Rancho Cordova, and I wanted to give a glimpse of recent sales and listings in the neighborhood and larger market area. There is a pretty clear downturn, which is difficult to swallow for home owners, but prospective buyers have a sweet taste. The graph below includes all property types in Capital Village (fusion, bungalows, reflections, cottages).

What about current listings in Capital Village? Here they are per Sacramento MLS.

It’s very common for a neighborhood to see trends that are similar to the overall city or region, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes a neighborhood can stand out for whatever reason and escape some of the turmoil from the surrounding market. Though in this case, it’s clear that property values in the 95670 zip code have seen a decline over the past several years.

I know, I’ve shared some bad news today about the real estate market. I’m sorry. But stats are stats and my property has not escaped similar stats either (oh, the pain). The one redemptive feature of a downturn in property value is a savings on property taxes. Additionally, a decline in value does not mean the neighborhood is any less unique. Check out a tour I gave of Capital Village in 2009 (It’s discouraging to see so much more gray hair from two years ago).

What stands out to you about the graphs? How might information like this be useful? If you live in Capital Village, what do you love about the community?

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