What do appraisal reports look like now after September 2011?

I’ve been getting questions about the new changes to appraisal reports since the UAD came into effect last week on September 1, 2011. If you’re wondering what UAD reports look like, click on the thumbnail image below. You’ll notice many new abbreviations, and if you’re not familiar with some of them, you may wonder what is going on. What is “C3” or “Q4” or “s05/11jc05/11” or “ArmLth”?

What do you think? Easy to understand? Confusing?

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      I guess I did leave everyone hanging. 🙂 “C” is a condition rating and there are some various definitions associated with the particular rating, whether C1 or C2… “ArmLth” stands for “Arms-length” (as in “arms-length sale”). “s05/11jc05/11” means it sold in May 2011 and had a contract date of May 2011 also.

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