One more tech gadget in my business arsenal

My business tech arsenal increased by one today when a brand new HP Touchpad arrived at my doorstep. I’ve been wanting a tablet for work for the longest time, but I truthfully didn’t want to spend $500 on an iPad when my intended use was going to be limited. But since the Touchpad was priced under half the cost of an iPad, it was an easy decision for me. I’ll be using this new device for meetings, seminars, out-of-town traveling, taking notes at SAR and REAA, and basic communication and networking throughout the day. Will it end up being useful to me as a real estate appraiser? Only time will tell.

In all seriousness, when it comes to technology, I am constantly amazed how the internet, social networking platforms and blogosphere can really provide tremendous avenues to connect with people, build good relationships and earn people’s trust in life and business. How has the way you use the internet changed in recent years? What technology have you purchased recently? Is there anything on your wish list?

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    Congrats, Ryan! I’d really like to know how useful it will be to you…would appreciate an update of this post in 3 months. Are you planning on using Davinci sketching with it?

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      Thanks Bill. I love getting new tech. I’m considering getting an underwater case for my Flip too (on a totally unrelated note). I’ll keep you updated. I don’t know if I can use DaVinci or not with the Touchpad. I might be willing to try it out.

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