Inspecting spooky houses

It’s Halloween next week, so let me give you a tour of a spooky house. There are no goblins or spirits or werewolves here, but be assured it definitely ranks on the creepy scale to inspect boarded-up dark houses in certain neighborhoods in Sacramento (alone). Enjoy a brief video tour below (or here) of a pitch-black bank-owned fixer. What do you think?

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      I hear you, Gena. I am ALWAYS thankful to be driving away from ones like these. Normal house creeking sounds really are creepy in instances like this too because it sounds like someone might be in the house. I do these when duty calls, but thankfully that’s not terribly often. I hope the same for you. By the way, I really like the Land Park photo on your Google+ page. I wasn’t sure if it was Woodlake or Land Park when I first saw the photo, but the description cleared it up for me. I just “circled” your page yesterday.

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    Thank you Ryan for the support on Google + Business Page. Yes, the photo of the colorful home was pointed out to me about 5 years ago by Curtis Park homeowner who is one of our local artists. It is truly one of a kind.

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