How to lose money quickly by not paying attention to your property taxes

This is a great example of what happens when a home owner purchases a property, the real estate market has a major shift, and the home owner does not pay attention to property taxes. This is a real scenario and unfortunately it’s all too common.

I just finished a tax appeal report for a home owner in Fair Oaks. His property is assessed at $281,873 and has been assessed at that level for the past three years. He originally purchased the property in 2003 for $292,000. All things considered, after a detailed analysis, market value on January 1 was actually $150,000, which is $130,000 less than the assessed value. This means the owner was scheduled to overpay by $1,648 this year (he easily overpaid these past two years also by $2,500).

Life is full and there are so many things to stay on top of, so it’s understandable to not pay attention to property taxes. However, think in terms of the exodus of greenbacks from your wallet that should be staying comfortable in your pocket. This home owner easily overpaid $2,500 over the past two years and was scheduled to overpay another $1,648 this year had he not contacted me. How does giving the county $4,000 of YOUR money sound to you?

Remember the deadline to dispute property taxes in Sacramento County is November 30, 2011. Contact me and I’ll be glad to explain how the process works and take a preliminary free look into your property to give a professional eye to your situation. By the way, you can look up your property HERE to see how the county has assesed you (your value should be based on January 1). The tax appeal world often feels like foreign territory for many home owners, so let me at least give you insight into what to do and how to do it. I typically charge $99 for a very solid appeal report that includes multiple trend graphs of your neighborhood, a market analysis, the best comps and the worst comps too if need be. You should only hire me or someone like me if there is a savings to be had though. Don’t waste your money on a report that is not needed. Whatever you do, pay attention.

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