Crunching property tax stats for 9 Sacramentans

I have nine more tax appeals sitting finished on my desk right now. It’s just past midnight and I’m so glad to be wrapping up for the day. But before I call it quits I wanted to take a minute to share some stats with you from these appeals.

  • Assessed value of 9 appeals: $2,855,247
  • Market value of 9 appeals: $2,197,000 (23% lower overall)
  • Largest overassessment percentage: 49% (a condo)
  • Largest overassessment amount: $161,288
  • Total potential savings for home owners this year: $8,228

This last bundle of appeals will be turned in today since November 30 is the deadline for disputing 2011 property taxes in many counties surrounding Sacramento (only for “decline in value” situations though – not all tax scenarios such as calamity reassessment). As the authorized agent for each home owner, I’ll be handling discussion with the Assessment Appeals Board in coming months and then the appeals hearing too if necessary. All things considered, the home owners are very happy and I even received some really encouraging feedback today that I wanted to share with everyone (the owner said it was okay to post). This made my day. Pretty cool, huh?

“Your report goes far beyond anything I could have imagined. As a former VP of Real Estate at a major East Coast bank, I’m very impressed. Add-in your quick turn-around time and initial e-mail response and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank-you so much.”

What do you think about the stats?

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      Thanks so much, Tom. My product is really something I created and it’s a limited appraisal at a very affordable rate. I find most home owners do not wish to pay for a full appraisal – and frankly they really don’t need one for most tax appeal situations. Throughout the entire past year, I only did two full appraisals for tax sitautions (because they needed them due to the custom nature of the situation). Otherwise in my area I have a formula that is limited in scope yet very effective – and easy on the budget.

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