A one-minute tour of a burned and crispy house

It’s been a great week of life and business, and I wanted to share one of the fun appraisals I have in my bag right now. Yes, my client gave me permission to shoot a video of this “fire house” in the Sacramento area. This one is a two-bedroom crispy critter and it’s going to need to be stripped down to the studs for a rehab project. It’s always fun to appraise houses like this. Enjoy a one-minute clip.

What do you think?

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    like your video , from looking at you video you have your hands full.i did nt see any burned wiring it could be still in tack, i did a two story burnout in 2007 it was a hand full will good luck if you have any question about the electrical don’t hesitate to drop a email Ive been a Master Electrician for 18y, will good luck and most of all have fun

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    I do appraisals on burned homes for insurance companies but it is for the pre-fire value. If you are doing it “as-is” considering its burned condition, good luck!

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    Wow, I can only imagine what you run into when appraising. You should post a blog just about the history and legends of some of the homes you’ve appraised. An appraiser friend of mine had to go into a home that only 6 months ago had a triple homicide in it. She also said she’s gone into so-called “haunted” houses as well as burned homes. It must be crazy trying to evaluate them. Where do you start?! Even more interesting is the person who decides to take on the challenge of renovating and selling such a home. It must be so difficult, but I imagine they get some kind of satisfaction from taking a complete dump and turning it into a work of art. I guess I would have fun doing that as well!

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      Oh, there are stories to tell. I’ve never seen bodies, though I know people who have found some on the property. Real estate is really an intersection into people’s lives and it’s easy to see issues and circumstances play out while inspecting a certain house or meeting a home owner. It’s always interesting. That’s for sure. We had a notorious murder house sell in the Sacramento area within the past two years. I had several blog posts about it. The basic story was a woman named Dorothea Puente ran a “boarding house” where she drugged her clientele to death and then buried them in the backyard. There were 6-9 bodies if I remember correctly. Her duplex has changed hands a couple times already. A purchase like that is really not for everyone because her crimes were extremely well known in the local market. Thanks for sharing the story. I don’t envy your friend. What a tragic situation, yet those require appraisals too.

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          Thanks Rachael. I appreciate your vote of confidence. 🙂 Yes, there is definitely a market for properties like this. They tend to go quickly and they’re usually all cash deals. I would say “always”, but there are some programs out there that may allow for a loan and complete rehab. Fun stuff. I hope your work week is starting out well.

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