Home remodel in progress & wooden pool covers

I met up with a real estate investor friend today to shoot a short video of one of their current rehab projects. Housing Group Fund recently purchased a bank-owned property in the Sacramento area that had been sitting vacant for a very long time. This property actually racked up $48,000 in code enforcement fines too during the long process of foreclosure and vacancy. Anyway, here is a 30-second clip I put together to show the beginning point of the rehab process.

As shown in the video, I found the “pool cover” to be an inventive way to help avoid the safety risk of an empty pool and maybe avoid damage from skateboarding too. This cover was already on the property when it was purchased. What other ways have you seen a pool “secured” when there is no water?

Offering appraisal services to investors is one of my favorite roles because I enjoy seeing the “before” and “after” product as well as working outside of the scope of appraisals geared toward Fannie Mae. I am not doing any appraisal-related work on this particular house, but in other cases investors will order an appraisal from my company in order to do the following: 1) Present the appraisal to the funding source to secure capital for the project; 2) Use the appraisal as a part of a federal or state rehab program (particular programs simply require an appraisal); 3) Use the appraisal for marketing purposes to include in MLS for buyers and agents (or to get an idea of the “after improved” value for listing purposes).

I hope you enjoyed the brief video. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Keith Klassen says

    Thanks for the skateboarding reference – I think you are harkening back to your bones brigade days. Skate and Destroy!

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