Duplex and Fourplex Activity in Sacramento County

Here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on in the duplex and fourplex real estate market in Sacramento County. Have a look at the graphs below and let me know what you see. There is quite span in price level of course because there is a big difference between areas such as Del Paso Heights, Land Park, Pocket/Greenhaven, South Sacramento, Midtown, etc… If you’ve been paying attention to the 2-4 unit market, what trends have you been seeing lately? If you are an investor, what price range and/or area do you target most often?

By the way, I have a few videos coming up in the next month or so with a local real estate investment specialist. The videos will highlight 2-4 unit trends in more detail. Be on the lookout.

All Duplex Sales in Sacramento County by Sacramento Real Estate Appraiser

Graph of Sacramento County Fourplex Sales by Sacramento Real Estate Appraiser

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