Unemployment trending down in Sacramento County

I don’t make predictions about the real estate market, but I’m glad to report unemployment has been trending downward lately – and that’s a good thing!! It’s nice to see that arch on the right side of the graph getting a bit more defined as unemployment is currently at 2009 levels. If we see jobs increase in the Sacramento area, that can only be positive for the housing market, don’t you think?

Sacramento County Unemployment Rate 2005 to 2011 by Sacramento Real Estate Appraiser

How far have property values declined? Generally speaking, property values in Sacramento are at a level near 2001 right now. Some areas like Pocket / Greenhaven show a trend in 2002, whereas other zip codes in East Sacramento are closer to 2003, while still other zip codes or property types are definitely before 2001. Generally, the areas with higher values tend to sell near 2002 or maybe 2003 levels when considering the overall market median sales price by zip code. At the same time, many areas that we’d think of as “challenged” due to crime or other issues are definitely before 2001 in many cases. Keep in mind the median sales price by zip code encompasses an entire geographical area and may or may not represent a certain niche or neighborhood within that zip code (that’s the problem when looking at data for an entire area).

DOWNLOAD HERE: Sacramento Area Median Price Graphs for sales between 1997-2011 (PDF) from the Sacramento Association of Realtors. This may be helpful to glean some context into some of the aforementioned bits I mentioned above.

Any thoughts about unemployment or how the real estate market is doing?

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