Thou shall not leave paint chips on the ground

If you know anything about FHA loans,  you know a defective paint surface is something that needs to be cured. If the exterior of a house has chipping, peeling or flaking paint, it can be a health and safety issue if the house was built before 1978 due to a potential for lead-base paint exposure. If you didn’t know, FHA has an exhilarating 51-page manual for how to properly cure a defective paint surface (PDF). This is just the type of ready you love to do, right?

Photo of defective paint surface for FHA - by Sacramento Appraiser

DO NOT LEAVE PAINT CHIPS ON THE GROUND: If you’re dealing with a defective paint surface, make sure you or your contractor scrape away any defective paint and then completely reseal the surface with new paint (or some sort of HUD-approved sealant). Moreover, DO NOT leave paint chips or any defective paint dust or residue on the soil. This might seem like a minor point, but you don’t want to have to deal with potential environmental consequences for lead-base paint touching the soil, right? The appraiser cannot verify the paint problem was taken care of if there are paint chips all over the place on the soil.

This is why I include something like the following in my lender reports:

The appraiser noted a defective paint surface on the southern portion of the house near the roofline. All this portion of defective paint should be properly scraped and there should be no bare wood after scraping. The surface should be repainted or sealed according to FHA standards. As always, there should be no paint chips or paint dust left on the soil when the issue is cured.

I’ve written quite a few FHA appraisal articles in case you’d like to know more. Let me know if you have any questions.

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