A direct view into the neighbor’s shower

Having an open window is not an option in situations like this unless you want to get famous on YouTube as the “showering neighbor”. I’ve talked before about “fenestration“, which is a fancy word meaning the design and placement of windows (and other openings) in a building. While it’s nice to have so much light in a bathroom, it always amazes me to have views like this. Whether taking a shower or brushing teeth, mostly everyone would want a bit more privacy, right? This house also has windows in the Master Bedroom and at the bottom of the staircase with direct views into neighboring houses.

What do you think of the view?

Photo of direct view into neighbor's shower by Sacramento Appraiser

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      I hear you, Sheri. You’re right about that. It’s so nice to have natural light in a bathroom, but a window above 6 ft for a location as such is probably the best way to go for a bathroom window design.

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    LOL, when I was a little girl about 7 years old and my brother was only 3, we would watch the neighbor shower all the time. He was an opera singer. The view from our window did not allow us to see below his waist, thank goodness, but his facial expressions and singing could be heard and seen. They were very entertaining showers. Yes, but if we had been able to see his whole body, I am sure my mom would have had an issue with her children watching a naked man sing fortissimo in the shower. 🙂

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