Trading Fourplexes in South Sacramento

It’s interesting to see the sales history of a 4-plex subdivision in South Sacramento. There are 30 units off 24th Street in the Meadowview area and only 3 out of 30 units have not transferred in the past 4-5 years. Or in other words, 90% of units have sold in recent years. The purple dots below represent sales over the past 3 years and sales beyond that were labeled accordingly.

Fourplex Units off 24th Street in Sacramento - Meadowview Area

What does this tells us? This shows me how much turnover there has been since the bubble burst. For example, one unit sold for $560,000 in 2006 and then resold in 2011 for $155,000. It used to be really difficult to pick up a fourplex under $400,000, but that’s not the case anymore. Also, I’m reminded of investment strategy as well as risk. Some investors make purchases and then sit on them for the long haul before reselling, whereas others are looking to purchase and then resell in a relatively short time period.

Mistakes Investors Make: By the way, here is a video I did with Sacramento real estate broker Joel Wright on mistakes investors sometimes make when purchasing real estate. I think we saw some of the mistakes Joel mentioned

Holes in a Fourplex: I inspected one of these units years ago and it was an odd situation since there were actually large holes in the walls of each unit big enough to let me access the entire fourplex. I could simply make my way through each hole to get to the next attached unit. This was actually a bit on the creepy side though since the property was powerless, stripped and clearly had a problem with squatters.

hole in wall to other fouplex unit

Was it still four units or just one big unit?  🙂

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