An Interview with the Sacramento Business Journal

LundquistRyanApprasial041312DM_280 - photo by Dennis McCoy of Sacramento Business JournalThe Sacramento Business Journal interviewed me about using video in business as a marketing tool. The article published a few days ago and it turned out great. I am very honored to have had the opportunity. In addition to the print story, a reporter and photographer came to my office for a quick video shoot on tips for creating effective videos. The reporter also highlighted local video all-stars Heather Ostrom, Tamara Dorris and Kerry Shearer. In case you missed it, check out the article here and watch the video below (or here). Photo by Dennis McCoy of the SacBiz Journal.

Do you use video in business? Why? Why not?

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    Great information here. The picture of the house with the door to nowhere, I’m thinking a set of stairs painted on the house would be a quick fix. I would like to add your site as a link from my website, informed buyers are the best buyers.
    Thanks, Rick

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