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It’s a huge honor when people share my posts, videos and photos on their blogs and websites. It’s actually something I encourage and welcome too if it’ll benefit another blog audience. But I do want to take a minute to communicate clearly on my policy for sharing content online from the Sacramento Appraisal Blog so we’re on the same page and can share happily ever after. Here are six simple requests:

  1. Graphs: Feel free to share my graphs (unaltered). Please link back to my blog.
  2. Videos: Feel free to share my videos (unaltered). Please link back to my blog.
  3. Photos: Share any of my photos (unaltered). Please give credit / a link back.
  4. Share the blogPosts: Share snippets of posts (unaltered), but I’d appreciate my posts not being shared in their entirety on your blog or website. It’s always nice to see someone share a paragraph of my thoughts, insert their own commentary and then link to the rest of the article. This seems like a great social media policy to me. Why? Because you share something valuable created here to benefit your audience, but your readers also still have a reason to visit my site too instead of just yours. This helps sharing be good for you and me.
  5. Similar Use: Share any media above or other files on your blog or website in the same way I use them – not a different way. This helps keep the integrity of the media intact. If you have any idea for usage in another way, contact me.
  6. Other: If you have questions, let me know. I am reachable and always willing to talk with media, bloggers and real estate (and other) professionals. I’m all about being a resource to you and your readers.

Again, thank you for sharing my content. It means a great deal to me when others think my stuff is good enough for their audience. As we share posts, my hope is to be able to maximally create value together. Know that I will always give you proper credit and links, and work hard to honor your content.

Any questions? Do you have a similar policy? Anything you’d add or change?

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    Well stated Ryan and it looks like you hit all the big and important points as I know it truly does get confusing for many. You can’t just copy an entire post as it goes back to copying someone else’s term paper in school. We all know how hard you work on your posts and their value which include your experience, knowledge and geez you are already sharing, there’s no need to flat out copy. Steve and I have gained so much value from your videos, it’s insane. Hitting all the questions people asked and you’re empowering all of us. Source (link and mention) + snippets (points of the post) for social sharing is good for all. Not to mention, good manners + proper sharing online, create powerful and amazing online relationships and perhaps online support of your own created material.

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      Very well said, Heather. Thanks for the kudos too. I think you’re right that it is confusing to some people what is proper etiquette for sharing someone else’s content. That’s exactly why I wanted to spell things out. I hope to create great relationships over the longhaul too. There is a huge difference between copying and sharing, though we have to look carefully to really see the difference.

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