Riding my bike to work in the month of May

may is bike month logoIt’s bike month in the Sacramento area and I’m excited to get to ride to an appraisal inspection today for a total of 20 miles. Since the property is fairly close to the Sacramento River anyway, I’ll get to enjoy some of the trails in Rancho Cordova and then exit Hazel Avenue into Fair Oaks. This year I’ve pledged to ride 100 miles during May, which should be fun, but I’m even more excited that my boys are doing it with me. My 8-year-old will be riding 33 miles and my 6-year-old will be riding 16 miles.

Speaking of bikes, I’m also riding in the Project 680 Underwear Ride on May 19 to help raise awareness for student homelessness and gather new underwear for homeless students. This will be a 26-mile ride (roundtrip). Project 680 is close to my heart and a cause I pour my heart and time into. Would anyone like to ride with me? I hear Keith Klassen is coming.

Have you pledged to ride for bike month?

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    That ought to be interesting sight to see when you have to take comp photo’s. I hope when you’re riding for Project 680, that you’re not doing it in your underwear. 🙂 Good luck in raising awareness for this, I think it’s a great cause and I really appreciate your passion for it.

    Have an AWESOME weekend!

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      Thankfully it’s a smaller condo complex, so comp photos will be a piece of cake. Had comps been spread out far, I probably wouldn’t driven. I’ll be wearing undies for the Project 680 ride, but under my clothes. 🙂

      Thanks so much, Michael. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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    Look forward to a blog post on the property inspection by bike. Great idea, and good luck with your Project 680 Underwear Ride.

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