A recent TV interview on using video in business

I did an interview recently for a television news story in Sacramento. The piece focuses on the power of using video in business, and it highlights a gelato company and my appraisal business. Here is a clip without the news titles (the news station puts those on). I love the very end where reporter Kerry Shearer surprises the audience with how he shot the video. Watch below (or here). Enjoy.

As the story mentioned, my YouTube channel has 90,000+ views from over 200 videos. Check out my YouTube account here if you’d like to get a glimpse of some of my videos.

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    “If they like me, they’ll hire me”…. and I did!! (still no listing on that one Ryan. Never work with family I guess is the moral of THAT story!)

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      Ah, thanks so much Lori. That made my day. It can be difficult to mix business and family (even when you can clearly help). Best wishes on that one. Thanks again.

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