Before & After Remodel Photos of a Burned House

It’s a victory for any neighborhood when a problem house is remodeled. That’s what happened with a home I recently inspected in the Sacramento area. I did two appraisals on this one since the property is going through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). The first appraisal was during acquisition and the second appraisal established the list price.

You might remember this house from a “burned and crispy” video tour I did about six months ago. This is really a different house though now because of the extensive work completed as well as a permitted addition to take it from a 2/1 to a 4/2. Yes, I do have permission to share these photos. No, this is not an advertisement. These are all my images and I actually juxtaposed these pictures for free for Housing Group Fund so they could share them. Enjoy.

What do you think?

HGF - Before & After - Front

HGF - Before & After Bathroom

HGF - Before & After - Kitchen

HGF - Before & After - Living Room

HGF - Before & After - Rear

For reference, here is the video I shot back in December on my cell phone when this house was still torched. Watch below (or here).

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I really love this type of appraisal work because it’s so nice to see something positive happen in a neighborhood. This type of transformation is always good. And on a smaller note, it was nice to be able to walk through the front door instead of unscrew a boarded window to gain access (like I did during the first inspection).

Which images strike you the most?

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