10 uses for an unpermitted pool

Can you tell just by looking that this is an unpermitted pool? It’s often obvious when something is done without a permit because it just doesn’t seem right, something might feel odd and many times there is a quality issue. The pool is about 5-6 feet deep with half the pool being above grade. This one definitely ranks on the lower end of the quality and aesthetics spectrum too.

Unpermitted pool - Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Unpermitted pool - Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Unpermitted pool - Sacramento Appraisal Blog

A pool like this is definitely a “drain” on value since more than anything I had to consider the cost it would take to remove the pool. However, this pool might actually come in handy though if the owner wanted to keep it for other uses. Here are some spoof suggestions that might work:

  1. Giant koi pond.
  2. Neighborhood cage fighting tournament.
  3. Raised garden bed.
  4. BBQ pit for a block party.
  5. Play pen.
  6. “Time out” area for the kids.
  7. Alligator habitat.
  8. Skate park.
  9. Partially constructed bomb shelter.
  10. Dog kennel business.

Moral of the story? Don’t install a pool without a permit. It’s not a good idea because it can literally end up damaging your property as well as harming your property value.

Can you think of any other potential uses?

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    I was doing an appraisal in a very influential part of town several years ago. The owners had turned their in ground pool (professionally installed and up to code) in to a koi pond. Don’t think that added too much additional value though 😉

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